Ledger monero reddit


Read the Monero-GUI-guide provided with the wallet and check the Monero website. Connect with the Monero Reddit community for troubleshooting and more. Please report bugs and suggestions to the Monero developers on GitHub. Monero accounts cannot be added to Ledger Live.

Ledger also acknowledges that there is no support for ledger blue users ! Would be great if this could get rectified ! My email to ledger : I am trying to download monero app onto ledger blue. Online tutorials show monero app symbol on ledger device press green arrow to download monero app, problem is their is no app to download !! Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero Integration Update #2 https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/75w4s4/ledger_hardware_wallet_monero_integration_some/ Разработчики Monero устранили уязвимость, из-за которой пользователи аппаратных кошельков Ledger Nano S теряли доступ к своим средствам.

Ledger monero reddit

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Nov 13, 2019 · Ledger Nano S Monero wallet will protect your crypto assets against all kinds of online and offline threats. Invest in Monero hardware wallets only if it is secure. Look for the wallet with a backup feature to access your cryptocurrencies when you lose your hardware wallet. So, buy Monero with bitcoin and store your XMR safely on Ledger Nano S. Install the Nano app on your Ledger device to manage NANO with the Nault web application.

r/Monero: This is the official subreddit of Monero (XMR), a secure, private, untraceable currency that is open-source and freely available to all.

Unable to sync Monero GUI version and Ledger nano s ver 1.6.1. wallet I'm trying to sync GUI version:, in Advanced mode (Local node). These are the steps taken to sync GUI Follow up This week, at least two seperate bugs related to Monero (XMR) were reported by crypto co.. Menu; Search for Pembukaan Parade Tari Nusantara 2018 – Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah” 2017.

Ledger monero reddit

Ledger Issues Warning About Nano S Monero App Bug Ledger posted a warning on reddit and Twitter and included a note on their Monero app support page 

Thanks for your work u/cslashm!. u/grydz please don't go down the rabbit hole of integration with ledger live and lose the privacy Monero provides. Forcing it to go through the GUI allows you to leverage Monero software to preserve the privacy it provides with the security of your keys being on the hardware wallet and never exposed to the machine. I don't think that the monero network is this slow, so can anyone help me pinpoint where I'm making a mistake? I currently have set_bootstrap_daemon on auto.

This work not only will be a big differentiator for ledger, but also for monero.

Ledger monero reddit

As the work involved by far exceeds my running FFS we are keeping seperate timesheets for the Ledger Integration & the ongoing Monerujo work. Expand All Collapse All The Ledger Monero App v1.6.0 can only be used with GUI v0.16.0.0, which contains the bug that inhibits people with a Ledger Monero wallet from sending transactions with multiple inputs. Probably easiest to wait until GUI v0.16.0.2 is released and then upgrade. – dEBRUYNE ♦ Jul 9 '20 at 11:10 Goals The goal of this PR is to propose code modifications to integrate the ledger HW into monero-wallet-cli. This code mod is not ready to merge (see below) but it is time to ask to the dev team and tech guys a first review for opinion. Verify that the Identifier in Ledger Live matches the one on your Ledger Nano S. Press both buttons to choose Perform update.

Connect and unlock your Ledger device. If asked, allow the manager on your device. Find IOTA in the app catalog. Click the Install button of the app. Ledger also acknowledges that there is no support for ledger blue users !

Ledger monero reddit

3h ago. Had anyone lost its crypto from a ledger by installing gui monero software, is it safe? Jan 14, 2021 · The Monero blockchain, together with its native coin XMR, aims to provide the community with untraceable cryptocurrency transactions. Just like any other cryptocurrency, Monero requires a solid and secure digital wallet for your funds to be safe and sound.

Users' funds appeared to be lost The Monero core developers have announced back then on Reddit I read somewhere that ledger nano s can only store monero and 1 other app due to space limitations on the device. Monero takes alot of space on the device and only one other app can be used.

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The Ledger development team, led by CTO Nicolas Bacca, revealed its integration plan for Monero in various online communities including Reddit yesterday. Ledger and Monero Make a Good Pair The codebases of all Ledger products including its hardware wallets Ledger Blue and Nano S are available for review and contribution on a Github open source

Your Ledger needs to be plugged in and the Ledger Monero app should be running.

Follow up This week, at least two seperate bugs related to Monero (XMR) were reported by crypto co..

Then i followed all the steps to set up monero on my ledger wallet. I believe imdid everything correctly. When i tried to open to open the new wallet on ledger after installation, it showed zero balance. For Ledger Monero wallets, the private spend key (the mnemonic seed is simply a representation of the private spend key) is retained on the device. Note that your 24 word Ledger mnemonic seed is your Monero seed. Also, if I re-setup the Beryllium wallet, I get two options to choose from.

Back in March, the Monero community has been reportedly made aware of a bug in the Ledger Monero code that triggered users funds not to reflect in the Ledger hardware wallets. Users’ … Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero Integration Update #7 https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/7zez0g/ledger_hardware_wallet_monero_integration_some/ Apr 24, 2014 · This is fucking huge. Especially because of how big a pain it seems to be to program a monero wallet, and even the limited supply of online hot wallets. This work not only will be a big differentiator for ledger, but also for monero.